Wednesday, 23 February 2011

How to resolve "The language-neutral solution package was not found" error?

Many of developers faced with this error while deploying SharePoint solution from Visual Studio.
I tried many different ways to solve this error like

Delete the following folders from the project directory(In Visual Studio, Right click on project in "solution explorer" window and select 'Open folder in Windows Explorer' ;) )

  • bin
  • obj
  • pkg

and then IISRESET (Goto start > Run > and write IISRESET and press ENTER )

Sometimes it works but not every time, So what is the another solution to remove this error while deploying?

Here is simple tric to resolve this problem.. :)
Just open powershell (or Sharepoint management shell) and execute following command,
(get-spsolution YourSolution.wsp ).Delete()

that's it.. now you can deploy solution without getting "The language-neutral solution package was not found" error.
*Note: Change "YourSolution.wsp" name to your WSP file name.


  1. thanks Ankit,
    even i tried your solution also, but it was not working for me.

  2. Ohh really....but It always works for me.