Saturday, 7 August 2010

How to Edit User Profile in Sharepoint 2010?

If You have to modify user profile information from 'People and Groups' option in Sharepoint site then you can't directly edit user profile information. Even on edit user page you will see only non editable data.

User profile information can be change from 2010 central administration site. Follow the steps to modify user profile or user properties.
  1. Login Central Admin site
  2. Click on 'Application Management' option menu from left navigation
  3. In 'Service Application' section, click on 'Manage service applications' link
  4. From this serviceappliction page, click on 'User Profile Service Application' link
  5. And then you can see lots of options for people, synchronization, Organizations, My site settings etc etc,
  6. On same page, under People section click on 'Manage User Profiles' link
  7. find the user and click on User name from below grid, select 'Edit My Profile' option
  8. You can change user profile on edit form.
  9. Click on 'Save and close' button
By default it could take up to some time to reflect the new updated information througout all web applications bound to the user profile service application. A timer job is taking care of this and you could kick this one of to run manually once by going to "Check Job Status" screen in Central Admin (http:// site /_admin/Timer.aspx).



    I've been looking all over the internets for how to figure this out... I do like Microsoft things, but sometimes I think they're deliberately obtuse when creating their software...


  2. You welcome :) ,
    I always try to share Sharepoint knowledge...

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks a lot, a nice article helps a lot. thanks once again

  4. Anonymous

    thanks. i had spent a few days looking for this.
    had even wrote a SQL script to update the database.
    unfortunately I haven't the necessary permissions to modify user profile as I think I have to be logged in as the setup admin user account.

  5. Anonymous

    Niteen - thanks. Could you plse. help with this.

    I want to add custom logic (code), when a user profile is updated/created. Is there an event or something.

    thx - arg