Friday, 21 August 2009

Sharepoint : Want to create new simple application site in sharepoint?

Just do following steps to create simple sharepoint new site with VS2008.

1. Create new sharepoint project, select "Empty" template, give name for your project
2. Now right click on your project, select 'Add'>New Item and select "Module" from sharepoint template, give name (keep in mind this is your feature name...)
3. It automatically creates Module.xml (you can called as element.xml) and sample.txt
4. Add custom pages or do any think what you want
5. Simply press F5, then automatically create solution, copy assemply to GAC, also create new feature folder in 12 hive, and deploy in your sharepoint site...

its soo simple :)

*Note: To add new sharepoint template in VS 2008, please WSS 3.0 extension for VS 2008.


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